Piblinell Carbon Deuocsid HyNet North West

Nid safbwyntiau’r Arolygiaeth Gynllunio yw’r rhai a fynegir ar y dudalen hon. Yr hyn a ddangosir yma yw cynnwys a gyflwynwyd i’r Arolygiaeth Gynllunio gan y cyhoedd a phartïon eraill â buddiant, sy’n rhoi eu barn ynglŷn â’r cynnig hwn.

Piblinell Carbon Deuocsid HyNet

Derbyniwyd 06/01/2023
Gan Cllr Andrew Farrow


My remit covers the impacts of this programme of works on the carbon impacts of both Flintshire Council and the wider county. This includes the impact on Flintshire owned land where there may be destruction of existing carbon positive land, and where there are planned works on Flintshire land that could have been used to the benefit of the Council's own carbon ambitions - be it for renewable energy generation or carbon offsetting in tree planting, etc. Concerns also exist for the condition of the infrastructure and assurance that the CO2 will not leak/seep into the surrounding land/air. In terms of the wider county, we as a Council would like to see that Flintshire industry utilising the carbon capture from Hynet have wider decarbonisation plans in place rather than using this carbon capture as a means to become 'carbon neutral' with no other plan in place to reduce those carbon emissions. Due to the impact that works will have on local communities and Flintshire land, I would be pleased to see the commitment of a commuted sum to invest in green energy/decarbonisation schemes within Flintshire county.