Piblinell Carbon Deuocsid HyNet North West

Nid safbwyntiau’r Arolygiaeth Gynllunio yw’r rhai a fynegir ar y dudalen hon. Yr hyn a ddangosir yma yw cynnwys a gyflwynwyd i’r Arolygiaeth Gynllunio gan y cyhoedd a phartïon eraill â buddiant, sy’n rhoi eu barn ynglŷn â’r cynnig hwn.

Piblinell Carbon Deuocsid HyNet

Derbyniwyd 09/01/2023
Gan The Woodland Trust


The Woodland Trust welcomes the opportunity to register a representation to the following project. We hold serious concerns with regards to the potential impact to several areas of woodland designated as ancient on Natural Resource Wales’ Ancient Woodland Inventory, plus numerous veteran trees as outlined in the Arboricultural Impact Assessment [ref: APP-115]. We are concerned that the woodlands adjacent to the pipeline boundary will be subject to noise and dust pollution during construction, plus potential direct impact to one woodland which is subject to a trenchless crossing. As such, the Woodland Trust recommends that a buffer zone of 30 metres is implemented to all areas of ancient woodland to mitigate for the above impacts during construction. Furthermore, six veteran trees are likely subject to felling to facilitate the scheme. The Trust asks that these trees are retained, and afforded buffer zones of 15 times the stem diameter, or five metres beyond the crown (whichever is greater). In summary, the Woodland Trust objects to the proposed development on the grounds of impact to ancient woodland and veteran trees. We hope our comments are of use to you.