Piblinell Carbon Deuocsid HyNet North West

Nid safbwyntiau’r Arolygiaeth Gynllunio yw’r rhai a fynegir ar y dudalen hon. Yr hyn a ddangosir yma yw cynnwys a gyflwynwyd i’r Arolygiaeth Gynllunio gan y cyhoedd a phartïon eraill â buddiant, sy’n rhoi eu barn ynglŷn â’r cynnig hwn.

Piblinell Carbon Deuocsid HyNet

Derbyniwyd 08/01/2023
Gan Carolyn Thomas MS


Currently, since 2021, I am a Member of the Senedd representing the North Wales Region, previous to that I was Cabinet member for Streetscene including Highways at Flintshire County Council and member of North Wales Economic Ambition Board transport sub committee. I would like to raise concerns regarding impact on the highway infrastructure in Flintshire which is already congested with pipes, ducts and has a deteriorating infrastructure following over a decade of austerity. The proposed pipe is 30" in diameter There needs to be consultation with the NMWTRA & Scottish Power as there are plans regarding the deteriorating A494 Dee Bridge which will impact including moving of a pylon and undergrounding of cables at Queensferry. It has already been raised that there is underground congestion to do that work. Impact on flood risk areas at Sealand, Broughton, Sandycroft and Mancot, and the crossing of 18 water courses. Properties have already seen significant flooding which is difficult to mitigate with increasing monsoon type rainfall. Suitability of storage of carbon dioxide offshore, I attended a meeting where a geologist raised concerns that not enough is known, there could be leakage causing acidification of the sea. Impact on highways traffic during construction and access to local businesses, hospitals and schools, the proposed route impacts on many densely populated areas. Impact on the environment. The whole proposal is for a few large businesses to offset CO2 but these construction works will be creating a lot of CO2. Has the installation of fibre optics been considered at the same time or other infrastructure with utility companies and mitigation?