Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay

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Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay

David Bexton


Please let me know the current status of the above scheme's application.
I am very interested in its potential to combat global warming, to bring jobs to the area, and, of course, in the prospect of suitable investment opportunities.

Cyngor a roddwyd

Dear David,
thank you for your email dated 9 April - I have the following information for you which I trust will be of use:
An application for a Development Consent Order is expected to be made to the Planning Inspectorate in Quarter 3 of 2013 by the applicant Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay Ltd.
Currently, the applicant is undertaking its statutory pre-application consultation exercises, prescribed by the Planning Act 2008. The applicant anticipates beginning its consultation with the local community in May, with consultation events running through June and July of this year.
As part of this pre-application consultation process, you will have an opportunity to submit your views to the applicant. Once this pre-application consultation has concluded, the applicant will submit its application to the Planning Inspectorate for examination.
If the application is accepted for examination, you will have a further opportunity to submit your views to the Planning Inspectorate and register as an Interested Party. This will allow you full participation within the statutory 6-month examination before a recommendation is made to the relevant Secretary of State.
I have included links to our website which I'm sure will prove useful in helping you understand the consenting regime for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects and how to put forward your views:
How the process works: attachment 1
Responding to the applicant's pre-application consultation process: attachment 1
I have also provided a link to the website of the applicant Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay Ltd, where you will find more specific information relating to upcoming consultation exercises. Until an application is submitted to the Planning Inspectorate, the applicant is best equipped to deal with any queries in relation to its proposal and can no doubt confirm the date, time and place of its proposed consultation events:
Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay Ltd's Website: attachment 3
We are, however, more than happy to answer any queries you may have on the consenting process in the meantime.

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