South Hook Combined Heat & Power Station

Enquiry received via phone

South Hook Combined Heat & Power Station

Lyn Powell


Could the developer for South Hook CHP be given access to unredacted relevant representations relating to visual impact so the developer could respond to them individually?

Cyngor a roddwyd

Dear mr Powell
Since the project is now in pre-examination any issues relating to the project can only be investigated during the examination and not by direct contact between yourself and the Interested Party (IP)
Any issues raised in the relevant representation can be addressed by commenting on the specific relevant representations. A deadline for commenting on relevant representations will be issued by the Examination Authority (ExA) in the Rule 8 letter. The developer can also request at the Preliminary Meeting that the ExA add these specific visual impact issues to the timetable, but it would be up to the ExA to decide whether to seek clarification through questions. If the ExA decides to examine these issues, the Rule 8 letter will set out how yourself and the IP can inform the ExA about the issues.