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South Hook Combined Heat & Power Station

Moyra Galliford Milford Haven Town Council


Advice given to Milford Haven Town Council regarding their relevant representation. The same advice was also given to St Ishmaels Community Council on 10 September 2013.

Cyngor a roddwyd

Thank you for completing an online representation form on behalf of Milford Haven Town Council. In that submission you indicate that your members wish to be kept informed of developments on behalf of the people of Milford Haven and that the Council may wish to participate in various stages of the examination process.
However the Town Council did not provide a view on the application. For a representation to be 'relevant' as defined Under Regulation 4 of the Infrastructure Planning (Interested Party) Regulations 2010 it must, amongst a number of requirements, provide an outline of the principal submissions which the person proposes to make in respect of the application. Please see link to the Regulations below;
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I note that Milford Haven Town Council is a Statutory Consultee for this application. However, following amendments made to the Planning Act 2008, Statutory Consultees are no longer deemed as interested parties unless they make a relevant representation during the period set by the developer during the pre-examination stage of the process.
As your representation did not include this information it is not classified as a relevant representation and you are not registered as an Interested Party.
However, you may also wish to note that a Statutory Consultee that does not make a relevant representation may inform the Examining Authority of their wish to become an interested party following receipt of the 'Rule 8' letter (a procedural decision that sets out the examination timetable which is published after the Preliminary meeting). As a statutory consultee you will also be sent a copy of the Rule 6 letter which gives details of the Preliminary Meeting date and Examination timetable. This will be sent out in mid September.

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