Mynydd y Gwynt Wind Farm

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Mynydd y Gwynt Wind Farm

Renewable Energy Holdings - Clive Callister


Confirmation about pre-application notification and processes

Cyngor a roddwyd

In addition to advice given in an earlier email, although you need to notify us before the start of formal consultation with statutory consultees that doesn't prevent any informal consultation or discussion with the statutory consultees before this point.
In terms of Environmental Impact Assessment regulations specifically regulation 10, this also covers your responsibility to consult on the Preliminary Environmental Information - not just publicity as mentioned in the previous email.
The IPC Guidance Note 2 was issued under both s.37(4) and s.50 of the Planning Act 2008, meaning it contains standards set by the Commission under s.37(5). Applicants have to comply with such standards (in line with s.55(3)(b)) and must give reasons for each respect in which guidance given under s.37(4) has not been followed (s.55(3)(d)). CLG has also issued guidance under s.50 in relation to pre-application stages to which applicants should have regard (see s.55(4)(c))