Mynydd y Gwynt Wind Farm

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Mynydd y Gwynt Wind Farm

Renewable Energy Holdings - Clive Callister


Confirmation of requirements to notify the IPC before consultation starts, and for sharing of the draft Development Consent Order

Cyngor a roddwyd

Before consultation is started with statutory consultees, you will need to notify us of your intention to submit an environmental statement with your application (see regulation 6 of the Environmental Impact Assessment regulations. You should also note regulations 10 and 11 in terms of EIA publicity requirements.
Before the consultation in relation to section 42 of the 2008 Planning Act , you will also need to notify us in line with section 46 of the 2008 Planning Act with information that you will use in consulting those consultees set out in section 42 and as prescribed in supporting regulations
We have produced guidance and advice notes on preparing an application. Just as a reminder, guidance is something to which you must have regard (section 50 of the Planning Act), and to which the Commission must also have regard to when considering whether to accept an application for examination. Advice notes do not have the same status but are there to support the process. We can advise on the production of application documents (not their merits), and in particular the draft Development Consent Order. For your project plan purposes please note that we request to see this at least 6 weeks before the intended submission date