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Peter Cobbold


In order to evaluate the noise section of the ES I need access to key data that are cited but not presented in the ES.
The four references are cited on the bottom of page 46 of this PDF:
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They are:
(1) Enercon, 2006. ?Sound Power Level E-70 E4 2.3MW?. Dated 17/02/06. Reference: SA-04-SPL Guarantee E-70 2,3MWRev1_
(2) Nordex, 2010. ?Noise Levels Nordex N80/2500?. Dated 19/04/2010. Doc. No. : F008_158_A03_EN.
(3) Ingenieurbüro für Akustik Busch Gmbh, 2009. ?Schallemissionen der Windenergieanlage Nr. 781960 vom Typ Enercon
E-70/E4 im Windpark Bordelum, Betriebmodus II mit 2.300 kW Nennleistung.? Dated 22/06/09.
(4) Nordex, 2010. ?Technical Report. Octave sound power levels. Nordex N80/2500.? Dated 26/04/10. Doc. No.:
I would prefer that the data were obtained directly from the originators - Enercon and Nordex- rather than from the developers RWE or their consultants/agents.

Cyngor a roddwyd

The Planning Inspectorate have not been supplied with copies of the documents you have requested. These documents have only been cited and therefore have not been submitted as part of the Applicant's set of documents.
The Applicant have submitted all documents which were included as hyperlinks in their application documents, as per the Examining Authority's (ExA) request during the Preliminary Meeting on 12 September 2013. The documents you wish to view were not included as hyperlinks and therefore have not been requested by the ExA.
Please contact the Applicant directly on [email protected] or 01639816180 to request these documents.

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