Fferm Wynt Coedwig Clocaenog

Enquiry received via email

Fferm Wynt Coedwig Clocaenog

Sheila Harman


I note that the list of participants at the Preliminary Hearing seems less than those in the room,I therefore presume only those who participated by making representation on the day are included?
Would it be possible to show as a matter for public record how many people attended the meeting?

Cyngor a roddwyd

The Planning Inspectorate does not publish an exhaustive list of attendees for examination events. The meeting note that was appended to the Clocaenog Forest Wind Farm Rule 8 letter is not a full transcript of the Preliminary Meeting and the list of precipitants is not a complete record of who attended. As you have stated below, it is a list of the people who introduced themselves or made oral representations during the meeting.
At examination events the case team will make a record of the individuals who attended. These details are kept by the Inspectorate for reference purposes only, and are not published. There is no statutory requirement placed upon the Inspectorate to publish an exhaustive list attendees. I am however able to confirm to you that approximately 70 persons were in attendance at the Clocaenog Preliminary Meeting.