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Cysylltiad Gogledd Cymru

Jonathan Dean


Query 1 (from Jonathan Dean by e-mail on 12 September 2018)
Many thanks for starting to load the DCO documents. I understand from them that I should now not correspond with them anymore but only with you
I have spotted some errors in the documents:
a link to their old documents on the project website which does not work
the maps for Clorach Fawr do not correspond with emails they have sent me or the land over which they seek rights
These are probably just typos and/or minor errors. Should I provide details now or wait for submitting my written representation?
Query 2 (from Jonathan Dean by e-mail on 17 September 2018)
I am in the process of preparing my Relevant Representation. Will it be possible to include photos and tables?
Query 3 (from Jonathan Dean by e-mail on 18 September 2018)
When will sections 5.2 - 5.9 be loaded? These are some of the ones we have waited a long time for

Cyngor a roddwyd

It is still open to you to correspond directly with the developer, should you wish. However matters relating to the DCO application should be sent to the Planning Inspectorate.
If you feel that there are errors within the Applicant’s documentation you may wish to include these matters in your Relevant Representation (RR).
The purpose of the Relevant Representation is to summarise the points which you agree and/or disagree with about the application. Whilst we do not actively encourage the submission of photos and tables as part of a RR, as there is an opportunity to submit a Written Representation to elaborate on those matters during the course of the Examination, we would not explicitly refuse to accept them at the RR stage.
The views put forward in RR are used by the Examining Authority to help inform their initial assessment of the principal issues.
The application documentation is still in the process of being uploaded; this will be completed as soon as practicable.