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Jonathan Dean


I have finally got from the project team a copy of the Statement of Community Consultation
Is this normally made available to the public?
It is not on the project website and if you had not told me they have to produce it, I would not have known about it. I had to ask several times before they sent me a link to it on their main website

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The Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC) is available on National Grid’s website here: attachment 1. In accordance with s47(6)(za) of the Planning Act 2008 the SoCC should be made available for inspection by the public in a way that is reasonably convenient for people living in the vicinity of the land. In accordance with s47(6)(a) the SoCC should also be published in a newspaper circulating in the vicinity of the land.
How National Grid has met these requirements should be set out in their Consultation Report which will be submitted with their application and we will be looking at this as part of our compliance checks with s55 of PA2008.

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