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Kevin Braithwaite


Enquiry regarding examination stage of the application and request for further details on other projects.

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Thank you for your email received 8 July 2013 and the interest in the above application.
As you are probably aware Wrexham Energy Centre project is currently at the pre-application stage of the Planning Act 2008 process; therefore the application has not been formally submitted to the Planning Inspectorate yet. Moreover at the pre-application stage, the applicant is the main point of contact until the Planning Inspectorate receives the application. I also suggest that you make the applicant aware of the content of your email and once the application is submitted and if accepted you will then have an opportunity to raise your comments directly to the appointed Examining Authority (ExA). Furthermore, please note that is for the appointed Examining Authority to decide how the application will be examined. The examination mainly takes a form of consideration of written representations and submissions received during hearings, if any have place.
In response to your question related to the other power station projects by Wrexham Energy Ltd, I can confirm that the Planning Inspectorate is aware of the Wrexham Energy Centre Project as the only project by the above developer that falls under the Planning Act 2008 regime. It may be helpful therefore to contact the developer directly to find out more about the other potential existing or proposed power stations within the areas mentioned in your email.
It may be also helpful to look at s14 of the Planning Act 2008 (as amended) onwards which describes what exactly falls under the 2008 Act regime and what classifies as the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project. You may also wish to look at the National Policy Statements (NPSs) such as EN-1; EN-2; EN4 and EN5 that are relevant to specific types of infrastructure. Individual NPS sets out government?s objectives for the development of nationally significant infrastructure.
National Policy Statements
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Advice Note 8.1 on how the process works available from link below:
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