Wrexham Energy Centre

Enquiry received via email

Wrexham Energy Centre

Denbighshire Council - Ian Weaver


The email is on behalf of Denbighshire County Council in connection with the Development Consent Order application for the Gas Fired Power Station on the Wrexham Industrial Estate.
We appreciate being informed of the project and for the invitation to participate in the public examination of the proposals.
We have considered the basis of the proposals and I can confirm that Denbighshire do not propose to engage in the Examination of the scheme, so do not propose to register as an interested party. It would be appreciated therefore if you could remove us from your contact list to save future circulation of email and hard copy material.

Cyngor a roddwyd

Thank you for your email below.
I understand that you do not wish to receive any further correspondence regarding the Wrexham project.
Please note that Denbighshire Council is identified as a statutory party in regards to this project. The Planning Inspectorate, acting on behalf of the Secretary of State, is under a duty to inform all statutory parties about any procedural decisions with regard to that project. Procedural decisions which must be send to you as a statutory party include:
? Rule 6 letter ? an invitation to the Preliminary Meeting, draft timetable, appointment of Examining Authority;
? Rule 8 letter - final examination timetable;
? Rule 8(3) letter - changes to examination timetable (Rule 8(3) letter); and
? Section 99 letter ? close of examination letter.
Please note however, that it is for you to decide whether you wish to respond to above letters or participate in the examination.
In the Rule 8 letter, the Examining Authority will ask all statutory parties whether they wish to become an interested party for the examination of the project. If you do not inform us that you wish to become an interested party within the deadline specified in the Rule 8 letter, you will not receive any more examination correspondence with exception to those listed above.
I hope that is helpful and apologies for any inconvenience.