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Mr & Mrs Galley


As a resident of Marchwiel, I object strongly to the proposed development of a gas fired power station at the nearby Wrexham Industrial Estate. There are, of course pros and cons to the scheme, but I feel there are more disadvantages than advantages.
Wrexham, indeed North Wales, has no need whatsoever for this type of power plant and to site it at an industrial estate which is nowhere near the electricity sub-station it serves, further adds to local problems in the transit of the electricity through oversized and hideous pylons.
The pylons, whichever route is chosen, will directly affect my own and neighbouring properties, the most obvious impact being the permanent defacement of natural and beautiful countryside. The size of the proposed edifices will scar what is currently an uninterrupted view of green pasture, and will certainly have a direct effect on any future resale value of my own property. Who will compensate me for that? There would also be a threat to the biodiversity of the area with flora and fauna being irreparably displaced. I believe also there is a strong possibility of noise pollution (buzzing and humming from the wires), and interference to radio and TV signals, especially in damp conditions. There is also the worry of health implications from these pylons due to the electro-magnetic fields they produce.
Whilst I understand there may be benefits such as employment, the likelihood is that these ?specialised? jobs will only be for outsiders, NOT work for the local population which is desperately required in Wrexham. The 1200 construction jobs mentioned on the Wrexham-power website will of course only be temporary and again would possibly be taken up by workers from outside our region.
Finally, I do not think the scheme as a whole is as ?green? as the website seems to make out, and with the possible future threat of ?fracking?, my objection to the whole development is paramount. I, along with much of my local community, will fight this preposterous plan until the idea is fully dropped!
Please find the time to reply to my letter, as my concern is growing regarding this particular scheme. I look forward to your prompt response.

Cyngor a roddwyd

Thank you for your letter dated 29 May 2013 in regard to the above project. Your letter is useful for us to monitor emerging issues in response to a pre-application proposal. As you may be aware, however, The Planning Inspectorate can accept this letter for information purposes only at this stage.
The proposed Wrexham Energy Centre is currently at the pre-application stage and is expected to be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate in late 2013. I therefore encourage you to contact the developer directly at this stage of the process as this is the best time to influence a project. I am aware that, to date the applicant has carried out informal consultation on this project.
At the pre-application stage of the process, the developer is required to carry out extensive statutory consultation (under s42, 44 and 47 of the Planning Act 2008) on the proposals before submitting their application to the Planning Inspectorate. This involves providing information about the proposal to various statutory and non-statutory bodies and the wider community, and to have regard to questions and suggestions made in order to influence and inform the application ultimately submitted. The length of time taken to prepare and consult on the project will vary depending upon its scale and complexity.
Once the application has been formally submitted to the Planning Inspectorate a period of 28 days is given to decide whether to ?accept? the application to proceed to Examination. Part of this assessment will consider whether the applicant has adequately complied with their duty to consult and have taken account of any relevant responses from persons they are required to consult under s42, 44 and 47 of the Planning Act 2008.
I have provided links to copies of the following Planning Inspectorate Advice Notes which may be of interest to you. These include further information on the planning process.
Advice note 8.1: How the process works
attachment 1
Advice note 8.2: Responding to the developer?s pre-application consultation
attachment 2

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