South Hook Combined Heat & Power Station

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South Hook Combined Heat & Power Station

South Hook CHP - Lyn Powell


Request for comments on the grid connetion statement and further information regarding submission of the draft Development Consent Order

Cyngor a roddwyd

Please find attached comments by the Planning Inspectorate on the draft Grid Connection Statement.
Also, below I clarify points discussed with you this morning regarding the number of submission documents required:
On submission you are required to provide three paper copies of the full application along with six electronic (e.g. DVD, memory stick) copies.
The remaining copies as set out in Advice Note 6 are those that the applicant may be requested to provide following acceptance.
The Planning Inspectorate will provide the relevant Local Authorities with a link to the Consultation Report when requesting Adequacy of Consultation comments during the Acceptance stage. You may wish to note however that other applicants have in the past provided Local Authorities with copies of the Consultation Report upon submission however it is for you to decide whether to do this.

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