Mynydd y Gwynt Wind Farm

Enquiry received via email

Mynydd y Gwynt Wind Farm

Gillian Foulkes


I have come to Aberystwyth Library today to look at the MYG application, in particular, the photographs, maps and other figures which are very difficult to look at online. To our surprise, the copy of the application document lodged at Aberystwyth Library under Section 56 advert in the Cambrian News 4 September 2014, has been removed - it has apparently been collected by the Developer's Team. I am puzzled. It seems odd that the application and figures were made available as paper copy but removed while the examination is ongoing. Please could paper copy be restored to Aberystwyth Library and in all other identified libraries. I do not feel that making documents available only online is in the spirit of openness in the planning process.

Cyngor a roddwyd

Under section 56 of the Planning Act 2008 (as amended) and regulation 9 of The Infrastructure Planning (Applications: Prescribed Forms and Procedure) Regulations 2009, the applicant ? Mynydd y Gwynt Ltd. ? was only required to make the application available to view until the deadline for receipt of Relevant Representations (17 October 2014). It appears that the applicant has removed the application from the locations identified in its s56 notice following the elapse of this deadline.
The Planning Inspectorate is required, under rule 21 of The Infrastructure Planning (Examination Procedure) Rules 2010, to make the accepted application documents and the Examination documents available for inspection by the public. For the Mynydd y Gwynt Wind Farm application, the Planning Inspectorate has decided that the deposit locations should be digital. The four locations set out in Annex A of the Examining Authority?s rule 8 letter provide the local community the ability to view the application, free of charge, on the National Infrastructure pages of the Planning Portal website.
You may wish to contact the applicant directly to request that the hard copy of the application, formally held at Aberystwyth Library, is reinstated. However, there is no legislative duty that requires your request to be adhered to.