Mynydd y Gwynt Wind Farm

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Mynydd y Gwynt Wind Farm

Peter Foulkes


I note that the application for a wind farm given the name Mynydd y Gwynt has just been accepted for examination by the Planning Inspectorate. I am part of a group who will probably be registering an interest in this project. I also not from your Advice note 8.3 that any 'Relevant Representation' form has to be received by you "within the registration period (of at least 28 days) set by the applicant." It is going to take some time for the group I am part of to meet and prepare our 'Relevant Representation', please can you tell me the cut off date that the completed form has to reach you.

Cyngor a roddwyd

I can confirm that the applicant will publicise the notice of the acceptance of the application for examination shortly. This notice will include the deadline for making relevant representations to the Planning Inspectorate.
The deadline for receipt by the Planning Inspectorate of any relevant representations should be not less than 28 days following the date that the notice is last published. The deadline is likely to be in October however we have not been formally notified of this by the applicant yet.
The applicant must publish the notice for at least two successive weeks in one or more local newspapers circulating in the vicinity in which the proposed development would be situated, once in a national newspaper, and once in the London Gazette. In addition to this, the notice must be displayed at or as close as reasonably practicable to the proposed development site in a place accessible to the public. We will also publish the notice on the Mynydd y Gwynt home page of the Planning Inspectorate?s pages on the Planning Portal website. You would find this through the following link at: attachment 1
For your information, you can receive updates about the project at key milestones by signing-up to email updates on the Planning Portal project page at the link above. By signing up you will receive notifications such as when the period to register opens and closes. It is advised that in order to stay up to date with the application you regularly visit the Planning Portal project page.
You may also find our Advice Note 8.3 of help in explaining how you can make a relevant representation to us for this application, in order for the group to become registered as an ?interested party? for the purposes of the examination. This advice note and others can be found at:

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