Mynydd y Gwynt Wind Farm

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Mynydd y Gwynt Wind Farm

John Evans


Query as to whether Ceredigion CC need to register to become an interested party

Cyngor a roddwyd

Ceredigion County Council has been identified as a relevant ?A? authority under s43(2) of the PA2008. Following acceptance of the Mynydd y Gwynt Wind Farm application for examination, Ceredigion CC will be invited to attend the preliminary meeting and you will receive the ?rule 4 and 6? letter (notice formally appointing the Examining Authority (ExA), the ExA?s initial assessment of issues and notice of the preliminary meeting) and ?rule 8? letter (the timetable for examination) as well as notification of any changes to the examination timetable.
If Ceredigion CC wishes to be an interested party for the duration of the examination, you can either register and submit a relevant representation (the registration period closes on Friday 17 October at 11.59pm) or, following the issue of the rule 8 letter, submit in writing a request to the ExA to become an interested party (this can be done at any time during the examination however the ExA will set a deadline early in the timetable for requests from un-registered statutory consultees to become interested parties).
As Relevant Representations help the ExA with compiling its initial assessment of principle issues and assist with knowledge of the local area, we advise registering and submitting a Relevant Representation and confirming your interested party status early in the process. The registration form also includes questions regarding participation in examination to help the case team resource appropriately. Please follow the link below to view the online registration form:
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The applicant should have notified you, under s56 of the PA2008, that the application has been accepted by the Planning Inspectorate, as well as provide information on how to register to become an interested party. The Planning Inspectorate has yet to confirm any details for the Preliminary meeting or issue any correspondence following the decision to accept application for examination.
We have updated Ceredigion CC?s contact details with the information you provided below. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this matter further.

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