Mynydd y Gwynt Wind Farm

Enquiry received via email

Mynydd y Gwynt Wind Farm

British Horse Society - Michael Mosse


In the context of interest in three potential projects being submitted to the IPC in similar timescales, Mr Mosse asked what consideration had been given to those with limited / voluntary resources but who wish to attend all hearings, and what measures might IPC take to ensure that these groups are not overwhelmed by the hearing process.

Cyngor a roddwyd

There are several matters which may affect timetabling and the number of hearings, along with opportunities for you to have your say.
As you may be aware, before any examination can take place the IPC has 28 days to determine whether to accept an application for examination. During this period we consider the matters set out in section 55 of the 2008 Planning Act (the Act), including whether the developer has complied with the pre-application consultation requirements in the Act. Should an application be accepted for examination there is period of at least 28 days in which anyone can register with us as an interested party and make representations on the application. At this stage a either single commissioner or a panel of commissioners is appointed as the Examining Authority (ExA). The ExA then holds a preliminary meeting, to which all interested parties are invited, to consider how the application is to be examined.
Without prejudice to decisions on whether potential applications are accepted for examination, the timetable for any examination, including hearings, will be established following the preliminary meeting for each individual case. As mentioned above, if you register as an interested party for an application you will automatically be invited to that preliminary meeting. You will have the opportunity to raise matters you feel need an issue-specific hearing and any practical matters you wish the ExA to take into account in preparing its examination timetable. It will be for the ExA to determine which, if any matters should be subject to an issue-specific hearing, and the overall timetable.
Please be aware that the basis for any examination is the consideration of written representations. The purpose of issue-specific hearings is to ensure adequate examination of the issue or to ensure that an interested party has a fair chance to put its case.
We do also encourage all interested parties to consider the scope to work jointly with other individuals or organisations who share similar views on a proposed application.