Fferm Wynt Coedwig Clocaenog

Enquiry received via phone

Fferm Wynt Coedwig Clocaenog

Denbighshire Co Co - Neil Walters


Mr. Walters inquired about the possible date of the preliminary meeting for the proposed Clocaenog Forest Wind Farm Project

Cyngor a roddwyd

Following our phone conversation this afternoon and your query regarding the possible date of the preliminary meeting for the Clocaenog Forest Wind Farm proposal it is likely that it will take place sometime in August.
There is not a specified timetable for when the preliminary meeting will take place, however new guidance issued by CLG last month states that it is the expected that in most cases that it should take place within a period of six weeks to two months from receipt of relevant representations. See here for link to CLG guidance - refer to paragraph 39 - 44 for information on preliminary meeting.
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In Clocaenog's case, this would mean that the preliminary meeting could be expected to take place mid to late August.
You will be given at least 21 days' notice of this preliminary meeting.

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