Brechfa Forest Connection

Enquiry received via phone

Brechfa Forest Connection

Ms Ebsworth


Ms Ebsworth called the Planning Inspectorate seeking information on the Brechfa Forest Connection project and compulsory acquisition of land.

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Response provided by the Planning Inspectorate via email to Ms Ebsworth below:
"Dear Ms Ebsworth
Further to our telephone conversation in relation to the Brechfa Connection project and compulsory acquisition of land, I have tried to set out some further information for you below.
A Book of Reference; which provides details of the landowners and/or occupiers, which this Applicant has identified as having interests in land affected by the project can be accessed at the following link:
attachment 1
This documents contains details of your land interests.
For information, the relevant plot in the Book of Reference is:
Page 100: Plot A197 ? 2183 square metres or thereabouts of land known as Tynewydd, Nantycaws, Carmarthen, SA32 8EX
Information on the ?Interest/Right to be Acquired or Power Exercised? (described as ?classes?) which the Applicant is seeking can be viewed on page 1 of the Book of Reference.
You can also view the relevant plot on page 16 of the Land Plan provided by the Applicant at the following link:
attachment 2
Should you want any further information regarding the above, I suggest you contact the Applicant directly. You can contact Western Power Distribution on:
Tel: 0800 019 3518
E-mail: [email protected]
If you wish to submit a representation to the Planning Inspectorate?s Examination of this application, please feel free to do so at your earliest convenience. May I take this opportunity to remind you that the Examination of the application must end on or before 6 April 2016; once the deadline for Examination has passed the Examining Authority will no longer be able to accept representations from interested parties.
I hope this information is of assistance, should you have any further questions please do get in touch."

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