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Natural Resources Wales - David Watkins


Apologies in advance but we have a query in relation to question OM2 -05.
The question posed is;
Does the Marine licence application submitted to and accepted by NRW on 11 November 2015 (CML1551) have any implications on ?Inshore Marine Plans?
I have consulted our Marine Licence team and they advise me that they are not familiar with this term ? Inshore Marine Plans.
We currently have 4 Shoreline Management Plans (SMPs) around Wales that we need to take account of, depending on the nature of the works.
Marine planning in Wales is still under development by WG but we believe there are some Marine plans signed off in England, so perhaps that?s where the confusion has arisen.
Would you be able to clarify please?

Cyngor a roddwyd

The Planning Inspectorate can confirm that the reference in question, OM2-05, in the Examining Authority?s second round of written questions to the ?Inshore Marine Plans? is in error and should state ?Shoreline Management Plans (SMPs)?.