Glyn Rhonwy Pumped Storage

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Glyn Rhonwy Pumped Storage

Received 15 January 2016
From Kate Lawrence


I wholly oppose the Hydro scheme proposed at Glyn Rhonwy on the grounds that I am not satisfied that
a) the scheme is necessary and beneficial to the local population, especially given the Dinorwig scheme
b) there is far too much uncertainty over the damage the scheme could cause to the water quality in Lake Padarn. The lake is a major tourist attraction, it is enjoyed by locals as a swimming and water sports facility. The employment already provided in this industry could be at risk if the water quality were to be in jeopardy and I do not believe that the stated employment provided by the proposed scheme at Glyn Rhonwy would compensate for this.

Lake Padarn is a wonderful local resource in an already very industrial landscape; please don't spoil it for us.