Meaford Energy Centre

What happens next

A decision on the application for a Development Consent Order for Meaford Energy Centre was taken on 19 July 2016 and has now been issued.

The period for legal challenge is defined in s118 of the Planning Act 2008. Further information about legal challenge can be found in the letter sent to all Interested Parties accompanying the Secretary of State’s decision and statement of reasons.

If you have any queries about the process please email the Planning Inspectorate at [email protected] or telephone the helpline on 0303 444 5000.

Timeline (31 items)

The Secretary of State has issued a Correction Notice and Correction Order for the Meaford Energy Centre Order.

The Secretary of State granted development consent for this application. Please refer to the following decision documentation:

Secretary of State’s Decision Letter and Statement of Reasons
Examining Authority’s Recommendation Report
Development Consent Order as made by the Secretary of State
Notice of the Decision by the Secretary of State (Reg 23)
Post Examination Correspondence

02 November 2016
Decision made by the Secretary of State
19 July 2016
Recommendations given by the Planning Inspectorate
19 April 2016

The Examining Authority (ExA) decided to close its examination of the application early on 20 January 2016 and will now report on its findings. The ExA’s report and recommendation must be submitted to the Secretary of State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change on or before 20 April 2016. The Secretary of State will then have a further 3 months to make its decision on whether development consent should be granted.

The Planning Inspectorate would like to thank everyone who has participated in this examination.

21 January 2016
Examination ends

20 January 2016

No documents were received for Deadline 7 of 14 January 2016.

15 January 2016

The Examining Authority has issued a Rule 8(3) letter amending the examination timetable.

07 January 2016

Documents for Deadline 6 have been published

23 December 2015

The second round of written questions have now been published.

26 November 2015

Documents received for Deadline 3 (22 October 2015) have been published.

23 October 2015

The Statement of Common Ground with Stafford Borough Council and Staffordshire County Council is a late submission for Deadline 2 (28 September 2015) from the Applicant and has now been published.

21 October 2015

Please note that the submission from Historic England for Deadline 2, 28 September 2015 has been re-published because the attached email was missed at the time of the publication of deadline documents.

14 October 2015

The Examining Authority has issued a Rule 8(3) and 13 letter notifying of the revised examination timetable and notification of the hearings.

01 October 2015

Documents received for the Deadline 2 (28 September 2015), including the Local Impact Report have now been published.

29 September 2015

Read the letter

The Examination Timetable (Rule 8 letter) has been sent to Interested Parties

Procedural decision following Preliminary Meeting

27 August 2015

The Audio from the Preliminary Meeting held on Thursday 20 August 2015 is now available.

Documents received for Deadline 1 have also been published and can be found here.

25 August 2015
  • Preliminary Meeting takes place
  • Examination begins
20 August 2015

The notification of Preliminary Meeting (Rule 6 letter) has been sent Read the letter

The letter also includes the draft Examination Timetable and Initial Assessment of Principal Issues.

17 July 2015
Relevant representations published on the website
23 June 2015
Registration of interested parties closes
21 June 2015

Please be aware that we experienced technical problems on 13 and 14 June that may have prevented you from accessing project information and registering as an interested party. These problems have now been rectified and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

15 June 2015
Registration of interested parties begins
14 May 2015
Read the letter

The application has been accepted for examination

24 April 2015
Decision on whether or not to accept the application for examination
24 April 2015
  • Application expected from applicant
  • Application received by the Planning Inspectorate
31 March 2015