A47 Wansford to Sutton

What happens next

An application for the above project was received by the Planning Inspectorate from Highways England on 05 July 2021. You can find the application documents for this application in the ‘Documents’ section  of this project page.

From the day after receipt of the application, the Planning Inspectorate has 28 days to review the application and decide whether or not to accept it. The acceptance decision on this application should therefore be made by Monday 02 August 2021.

If the application is accepted, we will:

  • On the day of the decision publish the acceptance decision and the Adequacy of Consultation Representations received from the relevant local authorities.
  • As soon as practicable after the acceptance decision, publish the date from which you will be able to register to put your case on the application (by making a Relevant Representation) and become an Interested Party.
  • As soon as practicable after the acceptance decision, publish the date on which the registration period will close.
  • From the opening day of the registration period (as determined by the Applicant’s notification and publication) make the Relevant Representation form available on this website.

If the application is not accepted, we will:

  • Publish the decision letter and reasons why it hasn’t been accepted.
  • Remove all of the application documentation from this project page.

We cannot accept your views about this application until the registration period has opened. However, if you would like to find out more about the process in the meantime, please download Advice Note 8.2: How to register to participate in an Examination and/or refer to Planning Act 2008: guidance on the pre-application process.

Timeline (2 items)

The application documents have been published to help you become familiar with the proposal. If the application is accepted you will be able to register and express your views during the Relevant Representation stage and the Examination stage. Further detail on the process is provided in Advice Note 8.2.

23 July 2021
Application received by the Planning Inspectorate
05 July 2021