North West

Projects have been split into areas to make them easier to find. Use the list in the table below to select a project or go back to the main Projects page to search all projects. This section covers the ‘North West‘ area including any nearby coastal regions.

Please note that these regions are only an organisational convenience and do not represent any administrative or legal boundaries. In particular, coastal regions do not imply regional or national responsibility or ownership.

ProjectDeveloperStageLast updated
A5036 Port of Liverpool Access SchemeHighways EnglandPre Application2023-12-21 16:00:21
A556 Knutsford to Bowdon SchemeHighways AgencyDecided2024-01-26 11:10:33
A57 Link Roads (previously known as Trans Pennine Upgrade Programme)Highways EnglandDecided2024-02-08 16:20:09
A585 Windy Harbour to Skippool Improvement SchemeHighways EnglandDecided2024-02-08 16:20:09
A66 Northern Trans-Pennine ProjectNational HighwaysDecided2024-03-07 18:04:52
Burbo Bank Extension offshore wind farmDONG Energy Burbo Extension (UK) Ltd.Decided2024-02-08 16:16:40
Dean Moor Solar FarmFVS Dean MoorPre Application2024-01-15 18:06:46
Frodsham Solar ProjectFrodsham Solar LtdPre Application2024-01-18 14:48:25
Heysham to M6 Link RoadLancashire County CouncilDecided2024-01-26 11:10:33
Hydrodec Oil Re-Refinery EasthamHydrodec Re-refining (UK) LimitedPre Application2024-01-16 17:04:55
Hynet North West Hydrogen PipelineCadent Gas LimitedPre Application2024-03-04 11:06:44
Keuper Gas Storage ProjectKeuper Gas Storage LimitedDecided2024-01-31 16:01:04
M60/M62/M66 Simister IslandNational HighwaysPre Examination2024-05-20 12:07:24
Morecambe Offshore Windfarm Generation AssetsMorecambe Offshore Windfarm Ltd.Pre Application2024-05-02 14:05:59
Morgan and Morecambe Offshore Wind Farms Transmission AssetsMorgan Offshore Wind Limited and Morecambe Offshore Windfarm LimitedPre Application2024-01-18 14:48:26
Morgan Offshore Wind Farm Generation AssetsMorgan Offshore Wind LimitedPre Examination2024-05-17 16:05:25
Preesall Saltfield Underground Gas StorageHalite Energy Group LtdDecided2024-02-08 16:16:41
Walney Extension Offshore Wind FarmDONG Energy Walney Extension (UK) LtdDecided2024-01-26 14:42:40
Whitemoss Landfill Western ExtensionWhitemoss Landfill LimitedDecided2024-01-26 14:42:40