About the national infrastructure planning site

The national infrastructure planning website provides statutory information regarding national infrastructure projects located in England and Wales.

This website lists all projects that meet the thresholds set out in Part 3 of the Planning Act 2008, and where:

  • a developer has formally notified the Planning Inspectorate of an intended application submission, or
  • an application has been made and is undergoing the development consent process, or
  • an application has been decided.

If a project is withdrawn by a developer the project page will be available for:

  • three months following the date of withdrawal if no application was received; or
  • one year following date of withdrawal if an application was received.

After these timescales, the project page will be removed from the website.
The register of applications will continue to display the date when an application was received and the register of advice will still display any advice we have provided for withdrawn projects.

This site is delivered by the Planning Inspectorate, the government agency responsible for examining applications for nationally significant infrastructure projects.

We welcome feedback on usability as we continue to improve the user experience. Please send your comments to webteam@pins.gsi.gov.uk.

Using the project pages

Each project has its own webpage displaying key information and documents. The page is created at the point the Planning Inspectorate is notified of a future application submission and is updated regularly as the project progresses through the various stages.

Finding a project

Projects can be navigated as follows:

  • Searching by name – If you know the name of the project you can use the search field on the home page or projects page.
  • Using the map – Use the map on the project page to locate the project.
  • Searching by region – Each region page shows all projects in the locale.

Keeping updated on projects

You can keep updated on the progress of application in a number of ways:

  • Registering as an interested party – you may wish to register as an interested party on an application and submit a representation at the appropriate time. Your representation will be considered in the evidence during the examination. Interested parties are kept informed of the application by email or post. See this page for further information.
  • Subscribe to our projects feed – the projects RSS feed provides updates whenever projects reach a milestone. This will help you keep track of new applications, decisions of applications and the stages in between.
  • Subscribe to email notifications – on each project overview page, you can subscribe to receive email notifications for key events in the progress of a project. This is only available for projects at pre-application stage or live applications.

About RSS feeds

RSS icon

RSS icon

Feeds allow you to see when new content has been added to the website so that you can get an update of the latest information all in one place.

‘RSS’ stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’ and is essentially a feed of information that is read by a computer and translated onto a webpage as a summary of information.

This site offers an RSS feed for project updates and will tell subscribers when a key event is reached for a project.

To use the feed, you will need to be using a modern browser. You can normally bookmark a favourite feed so that you can easily see updates of latest content. You can also view feeds through web based news readers or desktop news readers which are typically free to use.