Able Marine Energy Park Material Change 2

What happens next

The Secretary of State has decided that there should be an examination for this application and the Examining Body has been appointed. Further details including the date of the Preliminary Meeting will be announced in due course.

Timeline (9 items)

The notice of the appointment of the Examining Body has been published (PDF, 108 KB)

29 September 2021
Relevant representations published on the website
27 August 2021

The Relevant Representations period has now closed. The Secretary of State will now consider the need for an examination of the application, which will be made in due course.

25 August 2021
Registration of interested parties closes
23 August 2021

You can now register as an Interested PartyRegister online


If you are unable to complete a registration form online and would like to register your interest, please call the helpline on 0303 444 5000 or email the project mailbox, as found on the project page, for advice on how to register.

16 July 2021
Registration of interested parties begins
16 July 2021
Decision on whether or not to accept the application for examination
15 July 2021
Application received by the Planning Inspectorate
25 June 2021