Manston Airport

What happens next

The application is expected to be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate Q1 2018.

After receipt of the application, there will be 28 days to review the application and decide whether or not to accept it.

If the application is accepted, we will advise the timescales when interested parties can register to make a representation.

If the application is accepted, we will:

  • Publish all the application documents on this project page
  • Publish the date from which you will be able to register to put your case on the application
  • Publish the date on which registration will close.

Timeline (1 items)

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New Inbox: If you wish to contact the Planning Inspectorate about the Proposed Development, please send electronic correspondence to the new project-specific inbox

Before contacting the Planning Inspectorate, please read Advice Note 8 and check the s51 advice tab (below) which may contain the relevant response to your enquiry.

17 July 2017