East Anglia TWO Offshore Windfarm

What happens next

Details of the Preliminary Meeting will be announced here shortly.

The Examining Authority will carry out an Initial Assessment of Principal Issues derived from its reading of the application and the Relevant Representations received and set a date for the Preliminary Meeting.

Interested Parties will receive an invitation to the Preliminary Meeting which is to discuss procedural matters only, and is held in public. It is not essential to attend the Preliminary Meeting. Whether or not an Interested Party chooses to attend the Preliminary Meeting, they will still be sent details of how to further take part in the Examination.

The Procedural Decision made after the Preliminary Meeting will be published on our website and will also be available on request from [email protected] and our helpline: 0303 444 5000. Importantly, this Procedural Decision will set the timetable for the Examination. The Examination Timetable will, amongst other things, set deadlines for receipt of detailed Written Representations and for comments on the Relevant Representations made by other Interested Parties.

If you are an Interested Party, either because you are one of the specific bodies cited in s102 of the Planning Act 2008 or have submitted a Relevant Representation, you will receive notifications about the Examination and a copy of the Secretary of State’s decision on the application once that is made.

If you have a legal interest in land affected by a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project and:

  • have not been identified by the Applicant; and
  • did not register to become an Interested Party;

then you can make a request to the Examining Authority to become an Interested Party under s102A of the Planning Act 2008.

Timeline (13 items)

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IMPORTANT: As a result of ongoing Government guidance relating to COVID-19 the Planning Inspectorate is seeking to ensure that all Parties are notified of key developments on projects, in a timely manner. In order to help achieve this, and to minimise any delays which could arise if the postal service is affected, it would be extremely helpful if registered Parties that have not already done so could supply us with a contact e-mail address as soon as possible (details in the contact information heading of the project page).

Please be assured that this information will be managed in line with our Privacy Notice.

25 March 2020
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Please note the Preliminary Meeting and Hearings due to be held 24 – 26 March 2020 have been postponed in light of the current public health situation surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19).

Please see the Examining Authority’s (ExA’s) procedural decision to postpone the Preliminary Meeting (PM) and Hearings for further information.

We are not yet in a position to identify a revised timeline. Updates will be announced shortly.

17 March 2020
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IMPORTANT: In the light of the current public health situation surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19), if you are planning to attend the Preliminary Meeting and Hearings w/c 23 March 2020 please check this website, and that of the venue (Snape Maltings), regularly and before travelling to the events. If there are any changes or cancellations required to the Preliminary Meeting or Hearings this page will be updated as soon as possible. Advice is available and you are requested to please take careful note of it.

11 March 2020
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04 March 2020
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The notification of Preliminary Meeting (Rule 6 letter) has been sent Read the letter

The letter also includes the draft Examination Timetable and Initial Assessment of Principal Issues.

21 February 2020
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Relevant representations published on the website
20 February 2020
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Registration of interested parties closes
27 January 2020
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You can now register as an Interested PartyRegister online

If you wish to have your say on East Anglia One North and East Anglia Two you must register for each application separately.

If you are unable to complete a registration form online and would like to register your interest, please call the helpline on: 0303 444 5000 to request a paper form. For further advice please see Advice Note 8.2: How to register to participate in an Examination.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

03 January 2020
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Registration of interested parties begins
29 November 2019
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The application has been accepted for examination

22 November 2019
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Decision on whether or not to accept the application for examination
22 November 2019
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Application received by the Planning Inspectorate
25 October 2019