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Enquiry received via email

North Wales Wind Farms Connection

12 January 2015
SP Manweb - Claire Duffy


I would like to agree the scale for plans pursuant to APFP Reg 5(2)(l). Advice Note 6 states that such plans should be of a scale no smaller than 1:2,500. For the plans of statutory and non-statutory sites or features (both habitats and nature conservation and historic or scheduled monuments sites) we are proposing a scale of 1:10,000. This allows those sites adjacent to the proposed development to be shown ? a smaller scale removes those sites from the plans. We do not have any statutory sites directly affected by the proposed development.
There appears to be some variation between how developers prepare these plans and I wanted to confirm that you are happy with a 1:10,000 scale for those plans described above only. As you will have seen from our submitted land and works plans, these will be at a much smaller scale because of the detail shown.
I have attached a draft example plan. Please note that we are yet to revise this to include further information in the title reference, scheme name, scale bar, document reference number, version number and north arrow.

Advice given

Thank you for checking, we think that your approach is very helpful. The draft plan provided is sufficiently legible to be accepted. When the application is submitted please explain, perhaps in the covering letter, any divergence from the APFP requirements.