North Wales Wind Farms Connection

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North Wales Wind Farms Connection

13 January 2015
Pylon the Pressure group - Dyfrig Hughes


Members of the Pylon the Pressure group, which I chair, are concerned about the advice given to SP Manweb in relation to the North Wales Wind Farm Connection:
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Specifically: "The Planning Inspectorate does not normally require the inclusion of original consultation responses in the application documents."
We are concerned that without the Planning Inspector having full sight of all consultation responses, the applicant may be selective in choosing how it "demonstrates regard had to themed responses".
While we accept that consultation responses can be requested under APFP Reg 5(5), we consider it more appropriate, transparent and comprehensive, for the Planning Inspector to have sight of all original consultation responses.

Advice given

Thank you for your email of 12 January 2015 regarding the advice given to SP Manweb by the Planning Inspectorate on 5 December 2014, in relation to the North Wales Wind Farms Connection.
Your interpretation of APFP Reg 5(5) is correct, the Planning Inspectorate can request sight of all responses to the consultation carried out under Part 5 of the Act. Section 37(7) of the Planning Act 2008 is also relevant to the production of the Consultation Report.
The Inspectorate treats all applications fairly and consistently, following our published advice notes. The advice given on 5 December 2014 is in accordance with legislation and PINS Advice Note 14. Please see following link to Advice Note 14; attachment 2
At the point of acceptance of an application Local Authorities will have sight of the Consultation Report and can inform the Inspectorate if they deem it inaccurate, in the form of their Adequacy of Consultation response. If you have concerns about the developer?s consultation, we suggest that you inform the Local Authority to ensure they consider them as part of their Adequacy of Consultation response.

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