White Rose Carbon Capture and Storage Project

Enquiry received via email

White Rose Carbon Capture and Storage Project

25 June 2013
Drax Power Limited - Jim Doyle


I note from Advice Note 6 (version 5) that the Planning Inspectorate will look at draft documentation prior to submission and actively encourages this. Is there a timescale by which the Planning Inspectorate will respond to a developer following submission of draft documentation.

Advice given

Thank you for your query received on the 21 June 2013. I can advise you that the Planning Inspectorate would normally provide comments on the draft documents within a period of 6 weeks of receipt, therefore we would ask that any prospective applicant submits draft documents well in advance of the submission date so that any comment the Planning Inspectorate may have can be considered. Further more we would ask that prior warning is given before submission so that we can allocate resources to it.
It is also advised that a prospective applicant may want to plan for several rounds of draft document submissions to gain maximum feedback from the Planning Inspectorate.
In addition I can advise that useful documents to see in draft include the Development Consent Order, Explanatory Memorandum, Consultation Report and Statement of Community Consultation. Please note, although useful to see the Environmental Statement the Planning Inspectorate do not provide comment. Finally, it is beneficial that any draft documents submitted are as complete as possible, i.e. important appendices are included.
I hope that you find this information beneficial, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries on the information set out above.