White Rose Carbon Capture and Storage Project

Enquiry received via email

White Rose Carbon Capture and Storage Project

25 June 2015
BNP Paribas - Daniel Parry-Jones


Further to the Relevant Representations submitted on behalf of Royal Mail at IP registration and our client?s further request made by email on 20 May 2015 , please can you advise:
1. the date of the Traffic and Transport Issue Specific Hearing (this is not shown on the Examination Timetable page), and
2. when Royal Mail might expect to receive a response from the applicant / Examining Authority to its representations.

Advice given

In response to item one of your email
? Notification of Hearings and Accompanied Site Inspection dated 3 June 2015 provided notification of the dates, times and locations of the hearings.
attachment 1
I note you have missed the deadline to register your intention to attend and speak at the hearings. However, If you do wish to attend/speak, please provide the details requested in the notification letter as soon as possible by reply to this email noting any special requirements as detailed in the notification letter above.
? The issue specific hearing on Environmental Matters scheduled to start at 10.00am on Wednesday 1 July 2015 has identified transport as a matter of discussion. Please see the agenda for this issue specific hearing, where transport is identified under item 5 of the agenda.
attachment 2,%20Goole/Agenda%20for%20the%20Issue%20Specific%20Hearing.pdf
Agendas for all scheduled hearings were published on the White Rose Carbon Capture Storage project page on 22 June 2015.
If you have any further queries relating to these hearings please do get in touch.
In response to item two of your email
? You may wish to read through the Applicant?s response to written representations (deadline I) and other examination documents on the project website as all representations received so far have been published.

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