Drax Re-power

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Drax Re-power

Received 10 August 2018
From Carole Shorney


“Natural gas” is mainly composed of methane, which is an extremely powerful greenhouse gas –
86 times stronger than CO2 over a period of 20 years.

Building this infrastructure will lock us in to decades more of fossil fuel burning, at a time when
we need to be dramatically reducing our carbon emissions.

Building a new gas-fired power station will support demand for fracking, a dangerous and
polluting process which communities across the UK and elsewhere in and beyond Europe have
clearly said they don't want.

Transitioning to burning gas instead of coal is a way of keeping Drax open and continuing to
receive subsidies for burning biomass, much of which comes from threatened forest ecosystems
in the southern US.

Neither coal, biomass nor gas should still be being burnt in our power stations. Instead of
building new fossil fuel capacity, we need to massively reduce our energy use, and energy we do
use should come from genuinely renewable sources such as wind, waves and sun