Drax Re-power

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Drax Re-power

Received 25 July 2018
From Margaret Anne Evans


I am a climate scientist. Climate Paleontology indicates that at global average surface temperatures above 14.44'C, ice sheets melt rapidly;

12,000 years ago a Canadian outburst raised global sea levels by 12 metres in 24 hours.
8200 years ago a Greenland outburst raised global sea levels 12 metres in just one day.
5000 years ago a West Antarctic outburst raised global sea levels by 10 metres.
3600 years ago, 3480 years ago and 3200 years ago, rising sea levels triggered the 3 Santorini eruptions, with 33 metre high tsunamis, 60 metre high pyroclastic flows and 270 metre high funneling up valleys.
In 325 AD The Super-volcano beneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet exploded creating a 200 km2 hole in the ice sheet, a global flood and 24,000 km2 ashfall, which ended the Medes and Persian Empire of the day.

At Global Average Surface Temperatures of 14.5'C global sea levels are usually 5 metres above now. At 14.7'C sea levels are normally 7 metres above now and at 15'C sea levels are usually 10 metres above now.

At 410ppm/m3 CO2 there is enough carbon in the air to trigger an 11 metre rise, however there is a 25 year lag between CO2 emissions and actual sea level rises.
So our climate is currently responding to CO2 levels of 341 ppm/m3 from 1993.
But as we head towards 410ppm/m3 over the next 25 years, sea levels may rise accordingly - unless we reduce carbon levels dramatically before any more years go by. We need an immediate reduction in gas, coal, and oil fired power and a massive expansion of renewable energy, desalination and desert greening to reduce sea levels, azolla fern planting in sub arctic regions, reafforestation of desertifying areas, with seed bombing and the grounding of all aeroplanes that do not meet best practice emissions standards. That would allow greenhouse gas emissions to escape out to space, potentially cooling the climate by 1'C and saving us from frying. We need to close down gas fired power stations and decommission nuclear power stations, located at sea level for water cooling, which rising seas may inundate. Dungeness for example may soon be 2 miles off-shore in the middle of the ocean.

The super-volcano beneath West Antarctica currently has 138 active volcanos as part of the Pacific Ring of Fire and could explode at any time. When we hear the roar and see the fire it will be too late to act, so we need to switch to renewable energy directly or face the consequences.

Thanks for listening