Dogger Bank Creyke Beck

Enquiry received via email

Dogger Bank Creyke Beck

27 May 2014
John Beaumont Jill Lazenby


Thank you for your e mail of 13th May and for keeping us informed.
The verbal discussions referred to occurred in November last year, by telephone, before we sent the e mail below ? initially with a gentleman whose name we do not have who told us he considered the matter serious, and then further discussions took place with Kay Sully who advised us to put details in writing with documentary evidence which we have done comprehensively.
We wondered whether the Planning Inspectorate were made aware of our case by the applicant before the project was accepted for examination and if not should you have been informed at this stage by them that there were and still are unresolved ongoing issues?

Advice given

Thank you for your email of 15 May in response to our letter of 13 May regarding the proposed Dogger Bank Creyke Beck Offshore Wind Farm.
The previous advice I issued regarding your representation was due to the fact that your original representation submitted was initially deemed not relevant as it solely referred to the way in which Forewind accessed your land, rather than providing comments on the proposal itself. In order for a representation to be deemed relevant, it must meet certain criteria set out by legislation. One of these criteria is that your form should include an outline of the principal submissions which you propose to make in respect of the application (Part 3 of the form). This information enables the Examining Authority, when appointed, to identify the principal issues to be examined.
As advised in our previous letter, whilst your correspondence has been accepted into the examination, the issue raised regarding the manner in which Forewind Ltd accessed your land is something that the Examining Authority may not be able to take into consideration when making their recommendation to the Secretary of State.
In support of our openness policy, the application and its supporting documents which Forewind submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for consideration are published on our website and can be found at:
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It is appreciated this may not provide an answer to your concerns. However in light of the above, it is for these reasons why we would advise you to obtain professional advice regarding this issue.
In addition, the Examining Authority issued a letter on 23 May requesting further information regarding a proposed accompanied site visit so if there are any particular points you wish to point out to the ExA, I would encourage you to respond to this by 3 June 2014 which they will then consider.

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