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30 April 2013
Gareth Jones


E-mail sent to the Planning Inspectorate from Mr Gareth Jones:
I understand that the above company have applied for access under s53 of the Planning Act 2008 to land affected by a proposed pylon route. I am advised that the company claim to have been in communication with residents and others that could be affected by their proposals. As a resident living within 200yards of the route I can confirm that I have received no literature from the company with regard to their plans and I am not aware of anyone in the area that has received such communication.
In their application to you I believe that they claim that only the landowners mentioned in their application have refused them access permission. In fact I have myself talked to many owners of land on the route who have stated categorically that no such permission has been given. Other landowners have received no communication at all with regard to the application or with regard to access permission and my daughter is one such landowner.
I also have environmental concerns with regard to the route and should be grateful if you could contact me by phone to advise me how/when I should bring these to your attention.

Advice given

We are currently dealing with seven Section 53 requests from Wrexham Power Limited. The landowners and occupiers directly affected by the requests are currently being given the opportunity to provide any comments they wish to make on the authorisation requests before a recommendation is made to the Secretary of State on whether access to the affected land should be granted.
In line with our policy as set out in Advice Note 5 (I have attached a copy for your information) only the affected owners or occupiers are being asked to comment on the current authorisation requests. The purpose of the consultation is to help us reach a balanced view on the question of whether the applicant has met the statutory requirements . The Planning Inspectorate can only comment on the requests before it. If you have concerns about Wrexham Power seeking access to your land we would advise you to contact Wrexham Power Limited directly.
Until a development consent order (DCO) application is made to the Planning Inspectorate comments or queries about the development should be directed to Wrexham Power Limited. Please note that the applicant will have to undertake a formal consultation with the local community before submitting an application; we understand that this consultation has not yet begun. Following submission of the DCO application, which we currently expect to be between September-December this year, and provided that it is accepted by the Inspectorate for examination, then you may wish to make a relevant representation to register as an Interested Party. This would allow you to take part in the examination of the proposal should you wish to do so. I have attached copies of our advice notes 8.1, 8.2 and 8.3 which explain how to respond to the applicant's formal pre-application consultation and how to register as an Interested Party.Information about the proposed development can be found on the webpage for the project on the Planning Portal -
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