North Wales Wind Farms Connection

Enquiry received via email

North Wales Wind Farms Connection

28 August 2015
Various Interested Parties


Request to delay Written Representation deadline in response to delayed submission of Option B.

Advice given

The Examining Authority has requested, by 1 September 2015, written representations on the North Wales Wind Farms Connection proposal as submitted to the Planning Inspectorate. This is Deadline 1 of our published examination timetable.
The applicant have informed us that they intend to provide an Option B proposal, to be examined alongside the extant Option A. This proposal has not yet been received, or accepted, by the Planning Inspectorate. If and when such an alternative is received, the Examining Authority will consider if it is appropriate to consider it. If they decide to accept the alternative option, they will write to interested parties and ask for representations on it.
The applicant has indicated that Options A and B are to be considered alongside each other; Option B, if and when submitted, would not supersede Option A. Therefore interested parties should continue to provide written representations on Option A as per the examination timetable.