Brechfa Forest Connection

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BFC 140717 - EIA Scoping Report - Welsh Summary document REVISED (PDF, 1 MB)
Originally published on 11/7/14. Revised on 17/7/14 in response to Applicant?s notification that redline boundary on Figure 1 in the NTS was drawn too widely. Revision corrects this error. No other changes.
140821 EN020016 Brechfa Connection Scoping Opinion (PDF, 11 MB)
Secretary of State's Scoping Opinion for the Brechfa Forest Connection project.
BFC 140711 - EIA Scoping Report 01 - July2014 (PDF, 34 MB)
Applicant's Scoping Report
BFC 140711 - EIA Scoping Report - Summary document English (PDF, 1 MB)
Summary of the Applicant's Scoping Report
EN020016 Late Response to Scoping Consultation (PDF, 7 MB)