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Awel y Môr Offshore Wind Farm

Received 05 July 2022
From Dr Jonathan F Dean


I am broadly in support of Awel y Môr offshore wind farm. My concern is about how it will connect to the grid Using subsea cables and buried cables to the substation is excellent, taken in isolation, but the wider impacts on the grid are not fully considered The Ofgem Offshore Transmission Network Review is not yet published, and the impact of this offshore generating asset on the onshore transmission network not fully understood. There are many changes to the north Wales generation and transmission landscape, either “in flight” or in discussion, that may render a shore connection in north Wales inappropriate. The following are all likely to happen within the next decade: Mona and Morgan offshore wind farms, Môrlais tidal off Ynys Cybi, multiple solar farms on Ynys Môn, SMR nuclear at Trawsfynydd, large nuclear or several SMRs at Wylfa plus further offshore potential west of Ynys Môn. This mix of offshore and onshore may mean the better route for Awel y Môr is via an offshore grid rather than use the constrained onshore grid. Committing to an onshore connection “locks in” that capacity making it unavailable to onshore generation. This in turn would create additional cost and disturbance onshore that could be avoided by early commitment to an offshore route