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Awel y Môr Offshore Wind Farm

Received 03 July 2022
From Rostons on behalf of Sandra Archdale


We wish to raise concerns about the following issues: • We are not in favour of the scheme. • There are due be significant vehicle movements and associated traffic measures on Bodelwyddan Road as construction traffic seeks to access the construction compound located at Fferm, off Bodelwyddan Road. This road is notoriously fast and has a number of accidents and near misses, we are concerned that the works will increase the risk of such accidents, particularly when entering and exiting the property. • We gave concerns that the presence of the construction compound, less than 200m from the main dwelling will have on the residents well being in the form of noise, light and dust pollution. • We have concerns that the removal of land from agricultural production, and the time that it take to return to full productivity will have an impact upon food security. • The property is used by the whole family, particularly the children for horse riding and this will not be able to take place during construction for health and safety reasons, causing the family to miss out on opportunities that cannot be repeated. • We are concerned about the impact of the construction compound at Cwybr Fawr on site residents due to noise, dust and light pollution, the most recent letting of a residential property attracted in the region of 60 applicants, highlighting the demand for property in the area and the conditions that applicants would be subjected to for the duration for the works. • Cwybr Fawr is a diversified business and supports a number of local businesses, we are concerned that the presence of the compound and works will have a wider impact on the local economy. • The compound and working areas are accessed off the A525 which is a primary access route between Rhyl and Rhuddlan, the duel carriageway is prone to congestion and it is feared that the works will exacerbate the issue and raise the risk of collisions.