Portishead Branch Line – MetroWest Phase 1

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Portishead Branch Line - MetroWest Phase 1

Received 26 February 2020
From Osborne Clarke LLP on behalf of Babcock Integrated Technology Limited


Application by North Somerset District Council for an Order Granting Development Consent for Portishead Branch Line – MetroWest Phase 1 ("the DCO") MetroWest Phase 1 ("the Project") North Somerset District Council ("the Applicant") 1. This Relevant Representation is submitted on behalf of Babcock Integrated Technology Limited ("Babcock"). Babcock is a leading provider of critical, complex engineering services which support national defence, delivering vital services and managing assets in the UK and Internationally. Babcock carries out a number of these activities at their site on Ashton Vale Road, Bristol ("the Site"). The Site is bordered by the existing Portishead Branch Line to the east and Ashton Road to the north. 2. The current Works Plans (Sheet 15 and Sheet 16) indicate that Work No. 27 (Public Foot & Cycle Ramp) is to the immediate east of the Site and the Order Limits extend along the Site's northern and eastern boundaries. The current Land Plans (Sheet 15 of 17 and Sheet 16 of 17) indicate that the Site is bordered by Plots 15/84, 15/83, 15/82, 15/86, 15/87 & 15/85 to the north and 15/125 & 16/05 to the east. The main vehicle and pedestrian entrance and exit to the Site is bordered by Plot 16/20. The rear access road to the Site is adjacent to the south eastern corner of Plot 15/87. All the Plots listed as adjacent to the Site are subject to the compulsory acquisition of all estates and interests. 3. Babcock does not object to the principle of the underlying Project sought by the DCO in terms of the benefits it is seeking to deliver from Bristol to Portishead and region beyond. However, it is concerned with the impact of the Project detrimentally affecting Babcock's on-going operations specifically at the Site. This includes the impact caused by the Project on Babcock's access and egress from the Site during the course of the Project's construction and operation. 4. Babcock objects to the DCO on the basis that it has not been proven by the Applicant that the construction and operation of the Project will not cause a detrimental impact to Babcock operations, including by assessment of transport impacts and how access and egress to the Site will be affected by the compulsory acquisition of Plots 15/81, 15/85, 15/87 & 16/20. 5. Babcock is seeking expert advice to consider the material within the DCO documentation and is seeking a meeting with the Applicant to confirm whether any adverse impact to Babcock operations can be satisfactorily addressed and mitigated as part of the DCO. 6. Babcock therefore requests to be registered as an Interested Party to the examination of the DCO and to make submissions on the topics of transport impact and compulsory acquisition affecting the Site.