Portishead Branch Line – MetroWest Phase 1

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Portishead Branch Line - MetroWest Phase 1

Received 25 February 2020
From Julie Grindal


I am very concerned about what will happen to the toads if the proposal for concreting over 22 acres of Lodway Farm fields takes place. I also understand that the HGV's will access Pill but the cycle path road .I have patrolled this cycle path for several years at this time when the toads are making their way to the nearby ponds to mate, and then return. It is dangerous enough now for them with bicycles and motorbikes whizzing through. It would mean almost total annihilation if measures are not put in place to protect them. It is also used by frogs and newts many of which I have also rescued and carried to safety. It seems Metrowesr have put in wildlife protection measures in a number of other locations but not here. As there has been a dramatic fall in the number of toads countrywide they are classified as seriously "threatened " . This must be rectified