Hinkley Point C New Nuclear Power Station

Enquiry received via phone

Hinkley Point C New Nuclear Power Station

28 February 2012
West Hinkley Action Group - Lesley Flash


Lesley Flash called during a West Hinkley Action Group meeting to ask the following questions:

Advice given

1) How to make submissions to the Preliminary Meeting on the timetable for the examination.
The IPC explained that they cannot advise on how best to present an argument, but confirmed that the preliminary meeting was the correct forum to make submissions on the timetable for the examination. We advised that it was important to be clear about the submissions they wished to make, and what requests they wished to make of the Panel. We also suggested that they may wish to produce a written summary of their submissions to the meeting and offer it to the Panel on the day, if they were concerned about missing anything.
The IPC advised that they should focus on the content of their submissions. If they intended to make their submissions in a dramatic or unconventional way, the IPC advised that they should write to the IPC Secretariat in advance of the meeting and explain their intentions.
2) Numbers, and the timing of submissions.
The IPC advised that the process was an examination, and that it was the quality of submissions rather than the number of times that they were made that was important. Anybody attending the meeting is free to bring friends if they wish (though priority for access will be given to registered Interested Parties in the event of oversubscription) but it is not necessary to repeat submissions that have already been made. The Panel can decline to hear repeated submissions that are the same in substance.
There is no set time limit for submissions. The examining authority will retain control of the meeting, and might ask parties to bring their submissions to a close; or afford more time to parties making important and relevant submissions. However, it is best not to plan to speak for more than a few minutes.