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A417 Missing Link

Received 02 September 2021
From Daniel Chesmore


The planned route for Option 30 is damaging to the environment. The route that it plans to take will cut down trees and damage landscape. To say nothing of the impact that this will have upon the local wild life. It seems counter-intuitive that there are plans to put in bigger roads, damage the environment all the while the country is promising to lower carbon emissions and the world is facing a climate crisis. It is deeply questionable that this idea was put forward in such a troubling time. Having worked with heavy machinery before and having seen the impact that it can have upon roads, land and traffic the set out plans do not appear to meet that. Moving HGVs along single track roads will only cause traffic jams around the village, damage the land as people try to get past each other and increase the risk of accidents. This is before one takes into account the supply issues that the country is facing and the nature of large projects such as this to over run their time frame. The quiet nature of the village will be destroyed as the single track roads fail under the weight of the rat race. There will be irreparable damage to the roads, to the character of the village, the wildlife and all the while causing accidents. There have been arguments put forward that the new duel carriage way will be an economic advantage to the village. There is a grade II listed hotel and small village shop otherwise there is no other are of industry, sales or business in the village that could possibly benefit from this. As such this argument is null and void as the village is where people live not work.