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A417 Missing Link

Received 01 September 2021
From Mr Alistair Miller


I object to option 30 A417 missing link for a number of reasons and urge that it is reconsidered. The objective of the road upgrade is to provide a dual carriageway route all the way from the M4 to the M5 without interruption in order to reduce traffic jams, journey times and accidents which are very frequent on the section in question. Considerations are that the section in questions goes through AONB and this should be preserved. In addition the impact of noise and pollution should be minimised for surrounding villages namely Birdlip and Cowley. These villages share a parish council and it has always been Birdlip's views that have been put forward by them and these conflict directly with those of Cowley which have not been fairly represented. Given that there is ample room to expand the current road, this is a much more favourable solution, as not only will it cause less destruction of the countryside and wildlife but also it cheaper to build. Option 12 should be revisited and adapted to work. The main argument against it was the speed limit needed on the sharp bend. Given that speed limits on all roads will need to be reduced in the future this should not be a deciding factor. In addition, sticking more closely to the current footprint of the road would mean the survival of Stockwell Farm and have a less detrimental effect on Cowley village in terms of noise and pollution. Since the original consultation we have had a pandemic which has changed the way people live dramatically. Given this shift in peoples priorities I urge you to reject this damaging plan and work on a new option more closely aligned to the existing road footprint.