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A417 Missing Link

Received 25 August 2021
From Daglingworth Parish Council


Daglingworth village abuts the A417 where it meets the Daglingworth Quarry junction. The Parish Council has already made representations during the design process and we are somewhat surprised that we have to revisit them for this procedure. However we are concerned about increased traffic on the A417 which will arise when the road is changed around Birdlip. The village suffer s from using our roads as a rat run from Stroud Road to A417 and the Council asked Highways England to carry out a traffic study to see how this rat running could be curtailed. We have received no feedback from this request. The Parish Council is also concerned that noise from the existing concrete road surface will increase to the detriment of those properties nearest the road as a result of increased traffic. We would want to see this section of road resurfaced with a more suitable material. The Parish Council is also concerned about surface water run off from the A417 which comes down Dowers Lanes into the village