Thanet Extension Offshore Wind Farm

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Thanet Extension Offshore Wind Farm

Received 11 September 2018
From Christopher Attenborough


I am a sixth generation fisherman who has made their living off the grounds of the Thames estuary. The ground that has been designated for the thanet offshore windfarm is of greatest importance to earning my livelihood. it is a very diverse piece of ground giving me all year round fishing for soles, bass, smoothounds in the summer to cod and skate in the winter. This did extend into the area of the existing windfarm but has become non-commercially viable ground since the construction.

With the unprecedented rate of offshore construction off the kent coast we are seeing an alarming amount of ground becoming non-commercially viable through fish not returning after construction. This in turn is displacing fishing vessels onto smaller, diminishing areas of ground that are commercially viable.

I fear this project will have a very negative effect on this area and will mean I will have to push even further out to sea in an under 10 metre boat.